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Maintaining accounting records of business entities including writing up books, reconciling with bank, monthly, quarterly, six monthly, annually. Include wages reconciliation and preparation of PAYG (pay as you go) payments summary. Advice on maintaining debtors and creditors ledger.

Preparation of all type of income tax returns

Salary and Wages, Sole Trader Business, Partnership,Company, Trust and Superannuation Fund returns, including all supporting statements and schedules. Exhaustive deduction checklists applicable to varous occupations and businesses to ensure all relevant deductions/rebates are obtained.

Taxation Planning

Personal tax planning, including advice regarding the best business structure, negative gearing and Capital Gains Tax planning.

Profit & Loss Statements & Balance Sheets

Preparation of accounting revenue statements and balance sheets for various entities, including sole traders partnerships, companies, superannuation funds, trusts and charitable organisations.

Purchase & Sale of Business

Advice regarding the purchase and sale of businesses and preparation of Form 19 Statements. Calculating the value of business interest and comparisons with similar businesses.

Starting in Business

Advice when starting in business regarding records required, business names, finance requirements and other financial, accounting and taxation matters. Workcover, productivity award and superannuation.

Capital Expenditure

Advice on capital expenditure decisions and methods of finance including leasing and other finance.

Periodic Reporting

Profit reporting by month and year to date or quarter and year to date, comparing actual results with last year and/or budget figures.

Management Reporting/Financial Analysis

Profit reporting on actual results against budget or last year for management. Financial analysis of reports.

Financial Investigations

Conducting financial investigations into such matters as low return on investment, high overhead costs, abnormally high stock levels and suspected fraud.

Budgeting/Cash flow

Preparation of profit and cash flow budgets and comparison of actual results with same.

Loan Applications

Preparing loan applications for banks and other financial institutions for borrowing requirements


ABN (Australian Business Number) applications, advice on invoicing procedures to comply with ATO (Australian Taxation Office) requirements & Assistance with BAS (Business Activity Statements) and IAS (Installment Activity Statements) forms either completing on your behalf or checking your entries.

E.L.S. - Electronic Lodgement Service

If you require this form of tax lodgement we can provide same and should be a quicker refund. Refunds can be paid directly to your bank account if required.

Costing/Information Systems

Design and installation of costing systems. Review of existing information systems.


Company minutes and secretarial functions. ASIC, Australian Securities Commission Returns.


Auditing for various entities' accounts and records, including companies. Auditing of Superannuation Funds for taxation requirements.

Small Business Development Corporation

Co-operation with this corporation in the starting and financial control of a small business.

Mail service for Tax returns

Fast, efficient, and ecomomical service for salary and wage returns to be completed by mail, thus saving the making of an appointment, and interview time.

Checking Assessments

Checking the correctness of assessments issued by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).


Preparation of taxation objections and negotiating the sattling of the objection or appeal.


Tax effective investment planning, investment, retirement and pension planning. A.D.F. (Approved Deposit Funds) and 'roll-over' taxation advice.

Non Employer Superannuation

Advice regarding the establishment and level of contributions and management of Superannuation Funds.

Sales Tax/Payroll Tax/Fringe Benefits Tax

Preparation of sales tax, payroll and fringe benefits tax returns.

Late & Multiple Year Taxation Returns

Preparation of multiple year and late returns. Special discount available for mutiple year returns.


Amending incorrect returns and assessments.

Default Assessments and Assets Betterment Statements

Advice and checking of these assessments and statements

Tax Audits & Investigations

Advice and representation of taxpayers on tehse matters.


In house advice on setting up correct procedures to maintain cash books on computer. Advice on running computerised debtors and creditors ledgers.

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