Wise Owl Accountants can advise you in detail, on all types of retirement pensions.

Retirement planning

The two problems facing people today, who are facing retirement, are the total amount of superannuation they will be entitled to upon retirement and the level of expenditure they will incur in retirement.
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Aged pensions

The Aged pension (Centrelink) is available for males who have reached the age of 65 and for females who have reached the age of 62.5 (currently being increased each year until it will be 65 as for males)
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Account based - Allocated pensions

Account based - Allocated pensions can only be paid from superannuation money, there is no time frame as to how long the money needs to be in a Superannuation Fund. Theoretically you could contribute money to a fund today [if you are eligible] and commence to draw down a pension tomorrow, from 55 (fifty five) years of age.
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